Just moved into the house in Wilkesboro with my wife Amanda. It’s nice, much bigger. I’m using a spare bedroom as my office and it is freakin’ huge. I was able to put up the counter top that will serve as my desk. It looks cool and wraps around the room. I’m closing my shop due to the fact that is was costing more money than I was making. The best part is that I’ve always wanted to work from home and now is my opportunity. I’m very blessed and thank God everyday for his blessings. I think this is going to work out quite nicely. My overhead will be much lower, and I’ll have much more time to focus on the things that I’m not only good at but also enjoy abit. I’ll be teaching Access to a business here in Wilkesboro starting the first of July. Picked up a local band Hot Vegas. Take a look at them. They’re currently touring. Alright, I’m getting tired. Night

This article was last updated on: 16 Jun 2005