I’ve been in the process of moving everything off of my laptop and onto a desktop after I moved to Wilkesboro. Mostly it’s been painless and going along quite nicely. One thing that I discovered before I decided to do this was a Gnome applet that allows me to do these post from my desktop without ever opening a browser. It’s called Gnome-blog, and when it works it’s a real time saver. Well, like I said I couldn’t get it to work on my desktop. Even using urpmi to install the package didn’t provide the missing dependency. I visit the gnome-blog webpage to see if I can discover more information. The package depends on applets to be installed. According to my package manager I had it installed. So I downloaded the source and ran ./configure only to recieve an error about missing pygtk-2.0. Again this package appears to be installed, but I install serveral other python/gtk packages. It finally compiles, but still will not run from the desktop. I’m searching the RPM’s for anything gnome at this point when I hit gdesklets, which is a whole other group of applets. I install those packages and what do you know. I’m now typing this post from my desktop using good ol’ gnome-blog.

This article was last updated on: 20 Jul 2005