You heard me correctly, you can create a PDF version of any document on your computer. PDF’s are the document format used to protect your work. By default PDF are read only. When you send someone a word or excel document they can make changes to that document. So if you send someone a quote or a contract as a word document, I hope you trust them. PDF’s are commonly used by companies to distribute documentation over the Internet, authors distribute books using PDF’s, and more commonly owner’s manuals are produced as a PDF. PDF’s are great, they are a completely contained document that is very portable. All you need to read a PDF is Adobe Acrobat Reader, also a Free program.

It used to be that if you wanted to produce a PDF you had to purchase the full blown Adobe Acrobat. At the time of this writing the price on Adobe’s website is right at $450.00 USD. Not very affordable to most of us. However, Adobe Acrobat will provide you with a wealth of control and options in creating a PDF. But what if you simply would like to create a PDF of that same quote or contract written in word. Well you would download a little program called PDFCreator. You can find it at

PDFCreator installs as a printer on your computer. Which allows you to “print” any document or item on you computer, that you would normally send to a printer, as a PDF. You to can now enjoy the benefits of sending you documents as a PDF. PDF’s look more professional and do add a bit of security to you docs. PDFCreator is simple to use. You can even print receipts from on line purchases as a PDF that you can save on your hard drive. Say good bye to your filing cabinet. I’ve been using PDFCreator for several years now and it’s one of the first things I install on a fresh system. So if you’ve been searching for a simple and completely free way to create a PDF, look no further.

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This article was last updated on: 11 Jan 2006