Have I got a treat for you guys today. We all know that the default screensavers that come loaded on Windows are a bit…shall we say lacking? Possibly dull, boring, the same since 95? You get the idea. Nearly a decade later and there has been no major changes to the windows screen saver line up. Many of you have probably already searched for and found some more attractive alternatives. One to stay away from and remove immediately is “The Living Waterfalls” screen saver. It’s really popular among women right now and yes it is very attractive. However, it comes with a payload of spyware. So ladies, porn is not the only source of spyware. That discussion is for another day though.

What I have for you are a selection of screensavers that are absolutely stunning. I first saw them on a Linux system (also a discussion for another day). There were so many to choose from. That right the was reason enough to can Windows. In any case I became really fond of a few of the screensavers Linux had to offer. Almost by complete accident I came across a fellow’s site that had taken some of my favorites and converted them over to run on Windows. His name is Terry Welsh. There are screen shots available on his site so you can get an idea of what they look like prior to downloading and installing them to your computer.

They come with instructions on how to install them on your system, so be sure to read them carefully before you begin. They do not come with an installer to take care of it for you. The short instruction set is that they go into your “system” folder. But if you understand that you probably already knew that.

These screensavers, though not very feminine, are some of the most colorfully appealing eyecandy I’ve seen in a while. They mostly have a spacey sort of feel to them. Children of all ages will like these, and most importantly they contain absolutely NO SPYWARE! and like most things I share with you are completely FREE so enjoy.

You can find these screensavers at www.reallyslick.com/index.html

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This article was last updated on: 18 Jan 2006