Hello gang, the Computer Deconfuser here. This week’s tip is a download. It’s a bit of free software that I’ve been using for years and I absolutely love it. And with all you digital camera owners out there this will come in handy in resizing those high quality images. It’s a program that allows you to do quick image editing. There are loads of features, many of which you may never use and that’s ok, at only 856Kb in size even a dial-up user can download it in no time. The program is called Irfanview pronounced er-fan-view and the developer’s website can be found at http://irfanview.tuwien.ac.at/.

I found it after much searching on the internet around 6 years ago for a free program that would do a great job of touching-up and resizing images. I finally found what I was looking for in this little gem of a program. The coolest feature of the program is it’s ability to quickly resize an image. Just go to Image->Resize and there are several options there. The one I usually use is the “Half” feature. Choosing this will keep your image proportional. This is important if you’re ever going to publish or share it on the web. A program like this is nice because cameras are now capable of taking high quality digital images at very high resolutions. Great for printing, bad for the web, email, and storage. The high quality images take up a great deal of space and can get very large. Resizing them allows you to to share your pictures with friends around the world with out choking their bandwidth or filling up their inbox. A good resolution for the web or email is somewhere around 640 X 480 pixels. You can use the “Half” button several times in order to get it close to this recommendation. Once there, carefully save it as a different name as not to write over top of your original.

One other nice feature is Irfanview’s ability to download the images directly from your camera, webcam, or scanner. Any imaging device that your computer recognizes, it can grab the desired images without the need of opening another program. It’s as simple as doing a Ctrl+A (Acquire) and selecting the image source.

Irfanview isn’t limited to just resizing images however. It can also do red-eye reduction, sepia, sharpen, crop, panorama, and many effects that you can apply to your images.

I hope you give it a try. This program has really matured over the years, yet it remains free. And we like free. Enjoy.

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This article was last updated on: 26 Apr 2006