You know, for a long time I wanted a way to carry putty a free opensource ssh client around with me on a pendrive. Putty will run off a memory stick but it leaves entries in the registry of the computer you’re working on. These reg entries are necessary as those are your settings for the sites you log into, along with any tunnels you’ve set up. This isn’t good though if you work on public or shared computers, as I sometimes do. So I searched and found a way to put together some batch scripts that would add my settings to the registry, launch putty, and once I exit putty it would clean up the registry, erasing what sites I’ve visited and what keys were used.

This still wasn’t ideal as it could lead to leaked information being left behind if something went wrong. Which it sometimes did if Windows drop my pendrive for some reason. What I needed was a portable ssh client that ran off a pendrive that stored it’s settings locally. Wouldn’t it be great if putty would do this? I do so love putty. Low and behold some kind soul took the time and answered my prayers. Thank you. Portable Putty stores the settings locally, runs from a usb memory stick, and is Putty. Awesome!

This article was last updated on: 30 Jan 2007