I’m not sure that any one thing has contributed to the steady increase in traffic that molesa and geekspeak have seen lately, but since the beginning of the year my traffic has gone from 175 UV’s to 290 UV’s. This is impressive to me considering that this is the article I’ve written for the site was posted on Janurary 30th 2007.

Most of the people arriving via a search are getting here from MSN. And most of the are searching for “remove auto complete” or “remove typed urls regedit”. They’re probably finding the Delete URLs program I wrote a few years ago to address a problem that a customer had expressed to me and I responded to in a article. This was back when I was doing “The Computer Deconfuser” as both a radio show and an article in a weekly newspaper. Ah, those were the days. Life was simple then.

It looks as if the amount of traffic is growing on average 40% month-to-month. Take a look at the graphic from awstats. rjmolesa
stats Not too shabby really. I’m going to be investigating my stats a bit more, but this is promising and encouraging.

This article was last updated on: 11 Apr 2007