I’ve been carrying FF around on a pendrive for a few years now. I used to just download the zip file and run it from a folder on the pendrive. It worked nicely. Lately though I’ve been using FirefoxPortable from Portableapps which is real nice too. The other day I got to thinking that I could really bennifit from running different profiles for different purposes. That way I could have a profile for surfing and junk. One to view my bank accounts. One for development work and so on. This could really smooth out some of my flow and keep google from knowing everything about me. So I set out to find the command line options to ff. I cobbled together a batch script that’ll launch firefox with my different profiles using this:

start firefox.exe -profile f:\firefox\profiles\rjmolesa -no-remote`

Actually the f:\ portion is determined dynamically. But what ever. What I’m wondering is: Can I somehow launch the profile-manager with a list of profiles that I specify? Effectively allowing me to see a list of profiles to choose from, on a path I specify. The -profile lets me choose a specific profile on any path, and the -no-remote allows multiple profiles to run at the same time. But I have a single entry as above for each profile I want to run. A slight pain, and not very easy to manage, but it’s not all that complicated. I really would just like a way to run all my profiles from an install independent location that I choose. What I have is actually not a pendrive. It’s a 5 Gig laptop hard drive that is in an enclosure that provides a USB cable. It’s a bit bulky but has several advantages over the typical pendrive:

  • Greater Capacity
  • Faster Read Write Times
  • A little harder to loose

This way I can carry everything I need back and forth to work and where ever, and I’m rarely stranded with the files, apps, manuals that I need for the job at hand. If it ever gets full I could always upgrade to something larger. It has worked out quite well. Now, throw in Google Browser SyncGoogle Browser Sync and I’m in business I can now log into any of my working environments and pick up right where I left of. However, all of this has left me a little paranoid of Google and I now want to restrict their knowledge of some of my goings on. Hence the different profiles. It’ll also be nice when some wacky plugin hoses up a particular profile and prevents me from accessing certain things. Such as my stored passwords. Oh, one other place it could be beneficial are on these social networking sites. If you’ve got multiple profiles with them, you can now be logged in under each name with an associated ff profile.

This article was last updated on: 22 Jun 2007