I can be a bit slow sometimes. I used to think that I had no right linking to sites that I visited often or had subscribed to in my feed reader. You see…I’m a noob and I figured much of the stuff I’m reading are from very knowledgeable people. Many of which are considered experts in their chosen fields. So here’s little me trying to capture an ounce of their hard won knowledge and apply any new bits that I pick up. Are you with my mind set so far? So Big Them - little me. I was sure that little me shouldn’t be linking to Big Them. I was even surer that Big Them didn’t want little me linking to them. Until I read a post on John Andrew’s Blog where in an excerpt he asked the readers of his blog to be added to their Blog Rolls. So I quickly added him. What can I say? I’m a tard. There are some things, that no matter how obvious they are, I just can’t see them until they smack me in the face. Thanks John Andrews. I’ll be adding more blog authors that I enjoy reading to my blog roll in the weeks to come. And for the record. Of course they want the links. Website owners, authors, bloggers, etc… want links from just about anywhere. There are exceptions, but the more the merrier.

This article was last updated on: 12 Jul 2007