On July 27th, 2007 our server was taken off-line in preparation for a pysical move across the great state of Florida. We were part of the data center consolidation of ValueWeb and Hostway. I’ve been a customer of ValueWeb for over 3 years now and I’ve never had any problems of any kind. But this, this….the result of what happened is the worst thing imaginable to anyone with a website, email, dns, search engine rankings. I’ll tell you the story.

They (ValueWeb) had sent out an email at the beginning of the month stating that they were consolidating their data centers. They expected the move to take no longer that 15 hours. We were to go down sometime after 8pm EDT July 27th, 2007 and 15 hours later, if everything went well we’d be back up. But, as most things planned for, it didn’t happen as planned. We were down and offline for over a week. It wasn’t until August 3rd, 2007 did a server on our old IP address respond to us. However, there were no websites, no DNS zones, no email accounts, no customized config files, no cron jobs…you get the idea. The server no responding at our old address was a freshly installed server.

So I called and they informed me that our server had suffered severe hardware damages. They said it was the hard drive and offered to send it to me, at their cost. I agreed. It’s what I was calling for anyway. Only by this time they had been through this several times, people yelling and demanding things. I however didn’t need to. I was prepared to, but they offered to send the hd over night to me at no cost. Great, Thanks!

It came and I couldn’t be sure until I hooked it up if it was in fact my hd or if it was just a pacifier. I hooked it up and it was in fact my old hd. And yes it was damaged. Real bad in fact. I did what I could to recover the data, and I managed to recover the critical aspects. Now this failed hd was a Maxtor. I’ve seen a ton of failed drives lately. Mostly Maxtors and Western Digitals. I’m getting real sick of cheap drives. I mean really. I have completely had it with cheap junkie hd’s. If you care anything about your data, do yourself a huge favor and but Seagate’s. They just don’t get any better than that.

So, I was able to recover most everything and have been uploading it all on to the newly rebuilt server. During our down time I also setup a second server on the west coast with a completely separate company. So we now have 1 east coast server and 1 west coast server. This should help out on many fronts. It’s still not an ideal situation, but it’s closer than before.

I’d like to publicly thank all of our customers as they were very patient and understanding during this time.

This article was last updated on: 20 Aug 2007