This morning my wife Amanda Molesa and I got up bright and early at 5:30 am to head over to Smoot Park. The occasion was Honey Day at the Farmers Market. Back in the spring I took some classes on bee keeping from the Wilkes Bee Keepers Club. I plan on starting my hives in the Spring of 2008. Master Bee Keeper Howard Blackburn sent some of his honey with us so that we could try and sell some. The variation that he sent was buckwheat. I liked the taste of it a lot. It’s a bit darker in color. Everyone that came out really wanted the more golden color of sour wood honey. I tried three different sour wood’s and personally I still prefer the buck wheat honey. There was also a fellow who had a poplar honey. It was similar to the buckwheat. Overall we only sold two one quart jars that day. We learned some valuable lessons from those that were selling. When the time comes for us to sell some of our own honey we’ll have a jump on what works and what doesn’t. Still yet, we had a real good time. I look forward to more trips to the farmers market, and spending time with the Bee Keepers of Wilkes County.

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