June 15th was a big day for my Wilkesboro North Carolina based web hosting and web design business. It marked one full year of uptime for our first server. We were about to make the announcement when disaster struck. I never did get to make the announcement. So I’m making it here. A month prior to that we were the target of a successful phising attack. Even with that taking it’s toll on our server, we were able to keep it up and running.

Oh well, what can you do? Most of August was spent rebuilding everything and speaking with customers about what they can expect. Since then we’ve added ftp access to the hosting accounts. We’ve standardize our plans and offerings. We’ve also added statistical reporting to everyone’s website. Now everyone can track their visitors and their advertising efforts.

Soon every customer will be able to log into their account on our new website. From here they’ll be able to do things such as:

- Change Their Password
- Add/Manage Email Addresses
- Add, Register, and Manage their Domain Names themselves
- Purchase New Services

I’m looking forward to completing all of this because it is something Ihave wanted for my business since day one. A combination of fear, lack of knowledge, and a lack of money have prevented me from achieving these things thus far. Over the last few months, since about January, The Lord has given me new found confidence in my talents and abilities. He’s shaping me into an above average PHP Programmer. He continues to work through me and shows me new ways to do things. I’ve been automating daily tasks, and pulling information from all over the place to use in other ways. The Lord has placed me at my most productive time in life. He truly is an Awesome Lord. I’m blessed to be serving him.

This article was last updated on: 11 Sep 2007