I’m back to the world of the gainfully employed. Actually, the announcement is a bit late. I started working at Classic Graphics back on October 21, 2007. I wanted to wait until my 90 day review before I made the announcement. That happened on January 21, 2008. The review went well and they decided to keep me. They’re mainly a PHP shop, but specifically focused on Drupal. I love the job and the people I work with. Most of them are real nice and open. The work is challenging enough that I don’t get bored but not so tough that I get discouraged either. I’ve automated a few tasks in my few short months. Mainly some tasks that involve shipping. They sent me for some training on Pageflex also. Pageflex has some neat features that I’ve not seen before. Mainly the whole idea of copy fitting kinda blew me away. I may write about it more some other time. All-in-all I hope things continue to go well. If it does Amanda and I may start to look at moving. Who knows.

This article was last updated on: 10 Feb 2008