Was looking into some Growl like apps for linux. I found mumbles while looking for this howto over here. Sports a nice list of extras Update: Geyser at first glance seems similar, well the author of mumbles is offering to work together. Another Update [4-7-2008]: Found this dbus hackery using python. And the I found specto listed over at propeller. Which I’m not familiar with, but assume it’s for propeller-heads like me. :-) Here’s a neat trick to display any message you choose in a pop-up. Looks like they use it to get notifications about automated tests. And then he found mumbles and re-worked his hack.

Not for Linux specifically, but too cool none-the-less. PHP Growl. Could possibly use this from the shell to notify myself of all sorts of things. Will need to take a look into this asterisk call notification via Growl as well.

This article was last updated on: 03 Apr 2008