I’ve been interested in beekeeping all my life, but until about a year ago I didn’t know anyone who kept bees. I’ve been attending The Wilkes County Beekeepers Club since the spring of 2007. But it wasn’t until today that I went and purchased the necessary supplies from Miller Bee Supply to begin this exciting new hobby. Howard Blackburn, a local Master Beekeeper, helped get me started. He brought over a hive of his, and told me what to purchase. Below is the list of supplies he told me to purchase. They do offer beginners kits, but this is what Howard recommeded, and I trust him.

Item Code Quantity Description Price
M342 1 Ventilated Helmut 12.75
M351 1 Square Veil 14.25
M927 1 4 x 7 SS Smoker 29.80
M315 1 Frame Grip 12.95
M314 1 Hive Tool 4.95
W920C 1-9 1 Complete Hive Commercial Grade 50.40
F515 1 8 1/2 10 Sheets 9.40
W520 1-9 1 5 11/16 Shallow Super 7.70
W503 10 5 3/8 Frames Slotted 6.80
F525 1 4 3/4 10 Sheets 5.95
M188 1 Queen Excluder Metal 7.20
Total (Tax not incld.) 162.04

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