Seth Godin has been forced into action by a company that he patrons. The action was one of no longer doing business with a current provider.

At some point “maximizing profits” and “satisfying the customer” no longer line up. An insurance company discovered the point at which Seth Godin was no longer satisfied with their pursuit of profits.

This is exactly why I left my previous insurance company, over a year ago, for Geico. With the other insurance company my bill was increasing with every renewal. I had made no changes to my policy and there was not any negative strikes accruing against me. Since I’ve been with Geico, my premium has been steadily decreasing. :-)

If I could compare notes with Seth I bet we’d discover we were dealing with the same company.

The supply and demand curve isn’t a curve. It’s an abstraction of lots of individual behaviors.

And so, lots of organizations end up hitting a wall with no warning…read more

This article was last updated on: 13 Sep 2008