Here’s a thought exercise for ya. Suppose I’m ask for your input about something. And that each time you try to provide your input I knock it down. Was I ever really interested in your input? Was I just looking to be right? What does that say about me? How would you have preferred I approach you about the issue? If I never had any intention of considering your input was my mind already made up? How do you feel after providing the input that I solicited yet didn’t care to hear? Would you be willing to take part in a conversation with me the next time I ask for input? Would it have been better that I just state the decision I’ve already made then to give you a false sense that I care about what you think?

Is this type of interaction normal in healthy relationships? Is it ok to make up my mind about something, ask someone what they think about it and constantly tell them, “Not a chance.” ? What am I trying to prove by doing such a thing? Am I trying to prove that I’m better than you?

This article was last updated on: 22 Sep 2010